Posted Title Job/Practice Location
04/22/2017 Acupuncturist Evergreen, CO
04/19/2017 Part Time Position Bronx, NY
04/19/2017 Acupuncturist San Jose, CA
04/19/2017 Space for Rent Woodland Hills, CA
04/15/2017 Space for Rent Los Gatos, CA
04/14/2017 Acupuncturist Chicago, IL
04/13/2017 Acupuncturist Cape Cod, MA
04/12/2017 Space for Rent Tucson, AZ
04/08/2017 Space for Rent Nashville, TN
04/08/2017 Teacher Portland, OR
04/07/2017 Bilingual TCM Product Sales Representative Northern California
03/31/2017 Practice for Sale Endicott, NY
03/31/2017 Space for Rent Sandy Springs, GA
03/30/2017 Space for Rent Mission Viejo, CA.
03/30/2017 Space for Rent Boston, MA
03/28/2017 Acupuncturist Yuba City, CA
03/28/2017 Acupuncturist Tacoma, WA
03/24/2017 Acupuncturist San Antonio, TX
03/24/2017 Acupuncturist Port Jefferson Station, NY
03/24/2017 Acupuncturist Phoenixville, PA
03/21/2017 Acupuncturist Torrance, CA
03/21/2017 Acupuncturist Nashville, TN
03/14/2017 Herbal Medicinary Supervisor Portland, OR
03/13/2017 Acupuncturist Pleasanton, CA
03/13/2017 Acupuncture Practice for Sale Palo Alto, CA
03/11/2017 Acupuncturist /Chinese Medicine practitioner Gaithersburg, MD
03/10/2017 Practice for Sale Billings, Montana
03/08/2017 Massage Therapist Sunnyvale, CA
03/07/2017 Part Time Acupuncturist Wasilla, Alaska
03/07/2017 Space for Rent Chapel Hill, NC
03/07/2017 Acupuncturist Phoenixville, PA
03/03/2017 Acupuncturist Tustin, CA
02/28/2017 Practice for Sale White Plains, NY
02/27/2017 Practitioners Orland, CA
02/24/2017 Acupuncturist Washington DC
02/23/2017 Acupuncturist Bergen County, NJ
02/22/2017 Acupuncturist New York, NY
02/22/2017 Acupuncturist Washington, DC
02/21/2017 Acupuncturist/Herbalist Tampa, FL
02/20/2017 Space for Rent San Jose
02/18/2017 Acupuncturist Cotuit, MA
02/18/2017 Acupuncturist Phoenixville, PA
02/18/2017 Acupuncturist Wellesley, MA
02/18/2017 Space for Rent Thousand Oaks, CA
02/14/2017 Space for Rent Fremont, CA
02/13/2017 Lead Practitioner San Francisco
02/08/2017 Acupuncture Space For Rent Pleasanton, CA
01/27/2017 QA/QC Technician/Assistant Irvine, CA
01/25/2017 Practice for Sale Tracy, CA Tracy, California
01/20/2017 Acupuncturist Boca Raton, FL
01/20/2017 Acupuncturist Boynton Beach, FL
01/19/2017 Space for Rent Scottsdale, AZ
01/19/2017 Acupuncturist Ramsey, NJ
01/18/2017 Space for Rent Redland, CA
01/14/2017 Practice for Sale Palo Alto, CA
01/13/2017 Acupuncturist Charlotte, NC
01/11/2017 Part-time marketing writer San Jose, or Santa Cruz
01/10/2017 Space for Rent New York, NY
01/10/2017 FL licensed acupuncturist Jacksonville, FL
01/10/2017 Acupuncturist Fort Lee, NJ
01/09/2017 Massage Therapist Los Gatos CA
01/07/2017 Acupuncturist Edison ,NJ
01/07/2017 Acupuncturist Waukesha ,WI
01/07/2017 Practitioner Princeton, WI
01/07/2017 Acupuncturist Flower Mound, TX
01/06/2017 Dean of Graduate Studies Portland, OR
01/05/2017 Space for Rent Northampton, MA
01/05/2017 Acupuncturist /Herbalist Tampa, FL
01/04/2017 Practice for Sale Daytona Beach, South Daytona, FL
01/03/2017 Administrative Assistant Walnut Creek, CA
01/03/2017 Acupuncturist Tustin, CA
12/31/2016 Space for Rent Tacoma, WA
12/30/2016 Acupuncturist Silverdale, WA
12/29/2016 Office Space to Share Aptos, CA
12/23/2016 Clinic For Sale Murray, UT
12/23/2016 Acupuncturist Charlottesville, VA
12/22/2016 Acupuncturist Portland, ME
12/22/2016 Space for Rent Centennial, CO
12/20/2016 Space for Rent Redlands, CA
12/20/2016 Acupuncturist Oviedo, FL
12/20/2016 Acupuncturist Fort Lauderdale, FL
12/20/2016 Acupuncturist /Herbalist Tampa, FL
12/20/2016 Acupuncturist Elmhurst, NY
12/14/2016 Acupuncturist Waukesha, WI
12/14/2016 Acupuncturist Somerville ,NJ
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist/Naturopath Livingston, NJ
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Chapel Hill, NC
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Freehold, NJ
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Milwaukee, WI
12/13/2016 Space for Rent Easton, PA
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Bergen County, NJ
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Riverview, FL
12/13/2016 Space for Rent Seattle, WA
12/13/2016 Space for Rent Seattle, WA
12/13/2016 Acupuncturist Vadnais Heights, MN
12/10/2016 Space for Rent Encino, CA
11/23/2016 Massage Therapist San Mateo, CA
11/16/2016 Acupuncturist Fremont
10/24/2016 Acupuncturist Gilroy CA
10/20/2016 Integrative Medicine Residency Providence,RI
10/10/2016 Acupuncturist San Francisco California
10/03/2016 Assistant Store Manager San Francisco, CA
09/30/2016 office space for rent Aptos, Ca
09/29/2016 Practitioner Santa Fe, NM
09/27/2016 Lead Practitioner San Francisco
09/26/2016 Lead Practitioner Menlo Park, CA
09/24/2016 Practitioner Santa Cruz, CA
09/19/2016 Montana Acupuncture Practice for Sale Billings, MT
09/17/2016 Office Assistant San Jose, CA
09/14/2016 Acupuncturist Flower Mound, TX
09/09/2016 Acupuncturist Nashville, Tennessee
09/08/2016 Acupuncturist Bellevue, WA
09/05/2016 Licensed Massage Therapist Los Gatos, CA
09/02/2016 Clinic for Sale Sheridan, Wyoming
08/29/2016 Licensed Massage Therapists and Acupuncturist Santa Cruz
08/25/2016 Acupuncturist Elk Grove Ca
08/24/2016 Practitioner San Diego, CA
08/18/2016 Practice Space for Rent Vallejo CA
08/15/2016 Acupuncture rooms for Rent Palo Alto
08/15/2016 Clinic Space for Rent Beaverton, OR
08/02/2016 Acupuncturist Santa Cruz / Watsonville
07/02/2016 Massage Therapist Palo Alto
06/21/2016 Space for Rent San Jose, CA
06/20/2016 Licensed Acupuncturist San Jose, CA
06/12/2016 Office Manager Santa Cruz, CA
06/07/2016 Acupuncturist Palo Alto, CA
06/07/2016 Acupuncture Associate San Francisco
06/05/2016 Practice for Sale Campbell CA
05/25/2016 Acupuncture Associate Walnut Creek, CA
05/24/2016 Acupuncturist Pleasanton, CA
05/23/2016 Practice for Sale Campbell CA
05/17/2016 Acupuncturist San Mateo, CA.
05/11/2016 Career Opportunities Lewiston, ID
05/11/2016 Acupuncture Medical Office for Rent San Carlos CA
05/06/2016 Instructors & Supervisors Santa Fe, NM
05/05/2016 Receptionist Sunnyvale, CA
04/22/2016 Acupuncturist San Jose, CA
04/13/2016 Massage Therapist Palo Alto, CA
04/11/2016 Massage Therapist San Jose CA
03/29/2016 Practice Space for Rent ben lomond CA
03/18/2016 Massage Therapist Redwood city CA
03/15/2016 Massage Therapist Redwood city CA
03/03/2016 Survey Analyst StVincennes,IN
03/01/2016 Part-Time Acupuncture Associate San Francisco
02/23/2016 Acupuncturist San Luis Obispo, CA
02/22/2016 Associate Registrar San Jose, CA
02/19/2016 DAOM/ Licensed Acupuncturist Long Beach, CA
02/18/2016 Acupuncturist Santa Cruz, CA
02/09/2016 Acupuncturist Berkeley, CA
02/08/2016 Account Executive Sales San Jose, CA
02/05/2016 Acupuncturist San Mateo, CA
02/03/2016 Willow Glen Holistic Clinic for Rent San Jose, CA (Willow Glen)
02/01/2016 Licensed Acupuncturist Charlotte, North Carolina
01/28/2016 Acupuncturist Wasilla, Alaska
01/27/2016 Acupuncture Practice For Sale Carolina Beach, NC
01/22/2016 Acupuncturist San Mateo, CA
01/13/2016 Room for Rent San Jose
01/13/2016 Front Desk Receptionist San Jose
12/01/2015 Seeking Acupuncturist,Room for Rent, Lodi, CA
11/25/2015 Acupuncturist/ massage therapist San Jose
11/21/2015 Acupuncturist Petaluma, CA
11/20/2015 Practice Space for Lease Milpitas, CA
11/15/2015 Hiring manager Chicago, IL
10/16/2015 Associate Charlotte, NC
09/27/2015 Office Assistant Palo Alto, CA
09/15/2015 Practitioner Greensboro, NC
09/15/2015 Acupuncture Practice for Sale N. Cal Coast
09/08/2015 Career Opportunities Berkeley, CA
09/06/2015 Owner/Acupuncturist Mendocino Coast
09/05/2015 Space for Rent Hayward,CA,
09/02/2015 Medical Research Instructor San Jose CA
08/31/2015 Practice for Sale Sheridan, WY
08/24/2015 Associate Director of Admissions San Jose, CA
07/20/2015 Acupuncturist Reseda and Thousan Oaks, CA
07/17/2015 Thriving Acupuncture Practice for Sale Portland Oregon
07/09/2015 Bioenergetic Practitioner and Clinical Support Scotts Valley,CA

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Dear Five Branches University Alumni, We have programmed a series of activities that is open to Alumni to market your practice and services. Five Branches University will announce these activities/events through our website, public newspapers, online/social media, and/or news coverage. Everything will start from signing-up your free membership with the Alumni Association. If you are interested in any of the marketing opportunities listed, please act now and sign up through the form below. You are invited to sign up for these events as the presenter or the practitioner. You are always welcome to bring in your marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, banners, or you could organize a special session by introducing your service and practice. Here is the introduction of the scheduled events. If you are interested and would like to be part of it, please sign up through the registration form below: 1. Sunday Community Services We are offering complimentary TCM Community Health Services at our new San Jose campus once per month. You are welcome to sign up as a presenter of mini-lectures, or the practitioner in the clinical services. Check this page for more detail: 2. August 13th San Jose Campus inauguration and TCM Wellness Fair We are organizing a large scale Community event, themed in TCM Healthcare Awareness, on August 13th, Sunday. You are invited to sign up as the presenter of mini-lecture/demonstration, exhibitor under a booth, or one of the licensed practitioner in the clinical services. Also, you are welcome to submit any creative ideas to us and make the event more successful! More information about this event will be sent out later. 3. Alumni Associate service crew Work with your classmates and colleagues to build a friendly and useful alumni association. You are invited to sign up as the service crew of our association. 4. TCM healthcare conscious video Casting yourself in our short TCM healthcare video as a TCM Doctor, these video will be posted to all the social media channels the school own, such as facebook, and you will be credited for your involvement. 5. Alumni Practitioner Directory Add/Claim your listing on the Alumni Practitioner Directory on this website. After your verification, we will list your page on the school website health center section. If you are interested in any of the marketing opportunities listed, please act now and sign up through the form below.