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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Boynton Beach Community Acupuncture
Address: 2407 Quantum Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Phone number: (561) 523-9774
Email Address: BoyntonBeachCA@gmail.com
Web Address: http://boyntonbeachca.com/

Job/practice location

Boynton Beach, FL

About the Employer

Job Description


Short Description

BBCA is currently looking for a part-time acupuncturist in our growing location. We have a friendly and loyal patient base who enjoys community acupuncture. We treat patients in groups and one large room, seeing up to 7 patients in an hour. Shifts are shorter than other clinics for this reason.

How to contact

Please contact us if you... - You are comfortable building up to seeing 7 patients an hour -You are confident you can learn our Square register, online scheduling, and electronic healthcare records system. -Have a valid Florida license or are willing to obtain one -You communicate calmly and well with patients and co-workers -You have attention to detail, clean up, help out, are aware of your surroundings -You have healthy boundaries and know when to say ‘no’ to difficult patients -You look for and implement solutions, rather than complain -We are willing to train you if you do not have experience in the Community model -Treating experience comes quickly in this environment due to the larger patient load. -You have additional time to market yourself and build your patient base in Boynton Beach and possibly go networking or marketing events Email: BoyntonBeachCA@gmail.com

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