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Type: Career Opportunities

Lead Practitioner

Employer/Practice: Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
Address: 925 Cole St., San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone number: (303) 867-3174
Email Address: hbarrett@pharmaca.com
Web Address: https://careers-pharmaca.icims.com/jobs/3024/lead-practitioner---san-francisco/job

Job/practice location

San Francisco

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At Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, we believe in providing customized shopping experiences, building relationships with our clientele and working collaboratively across all store functions. We proudly operate 29 boutique drug stores across five different states and employ over 500 top tier practitioners, pharmacists and managers. Our spa-like atmosphere proves to be an outstanding work environment and the occasion to educate others presents itself regularly. Our unique Lead Practitioner position grants you with the opportunity to be an integrative ambassador in our store. This role allows you to connect with your community and to build up your own private practice. Our LP’s strive to share and provide training to coworkers, thereby moving us towards the "one medicine" model and increasing/driving sales. You'll be on the retail floor, engaging with customers, sharing your knowledge and allocating health and wellness solutions.

How to contact

email hbarrett@pharmaca.com

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