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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice for Sale

Employer/Practice: Living Arts Acupuncture
Address: 210 Martine Ave White Plains, NY 10601
Phone number: (914) 831-5354
Email Address: angelaleechen@gmail.com
Web Address: http://livingartfully.org/

Job/practice location

White Plains, NY

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Job Description


Short Description

Practice for SALE in downtown White Plains NY. Quiet, private upper floor space in condo building with 2 treatments rooms, a room in the back with full mirror for teaching (taichi, yoga, etc), full kitchen and bath, waiting room, small office. Very great space for a solo practitioner, also possible to sublease. Sale of 18- year solo practice also includes all future NY referrals - I am moving out of state.

How to contact

Email: angelaleechen@gmail.com

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