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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Integrative Healthcare
Address: 1630 Riggins Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32308
Phone number: (850) 878-4434
Email Address: mmetc@nettally.com
Web Address: http://www.ihcfl.com

Job/practice location

Tallahassee, FL

About the Employer

We listen and work with you on your goals for your health. We provide affordable holistic primary care to adults and children over 12 years old, general medical and wellness care, including prescriptions, as needed. We believe you have the right to be informed and involved in your health decisions. We strive to stay informed of alternative and natural therapies that are a reasonable choice. Consultation only for young children under 12.

Job Description


Short Description

Looking for dynamic acupuncturist to be part of our holistic health care business. Elizabeth Markovich, DNP, is one of the most successful and respected providers of alternative and conventional care in the area. We are looking for the right person to bring their practice to our location in a health care plaza between the two main hospitals. We will provide space, staff support and help with marketing in return for a percentage of receipts. We are open to a variety of possible arrangements that will work to the benefit of both parties and thousands of patients in this growing area.

How to contact

Email: mmetc@nettally.com. Phone: 850-878-4434

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