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Solis Acupuncture is a thriving acupuncture start-up with clinics in Santa Cruz and Scott’s Valley.  We have been in practice for 11 years with a focus on pain management.  Our treatments consist of orthopedic acupuncture techniques, with a heavy focus in electrical stimulation and manual therapies such as cupping and gua sha.  We put a heavy emphasis on providing acupuncture based on neuroscience while honoring ancient traditions. Our mission is to bridge the gap and normalize acupuncture into mainstream medicine by working closely with allopathic physicians and communicating with them in a language that they understand. Our goal is to create a model that allows talented acupuncturists to flourish in a successful practice by taking away the burden of running a business, and allowing them to focus on what they do best. We offer full support staff.  All of the marketing, advertising, insurance billing, and administrative tasks (answering phones, scheduling, taking payments, etc) are done for you. You get to focus on doing what you do best, patient care and being an acupuncturist. We foster a culture of inspiration, education, comradery and transparency.

Job Description

We are seeking a self-motivated individual who is passionate about bridging the gap between the East and West. Our office is directly contracted with Kaiser Permanente, so you will be working side by side with physicians, and be expected to collaborate with them on patient care. You will be running 2 treatment rooms, and seeing 2 patients per hour. Our schedules are typically booked back to back with patients. It may only take a few months to build your practice to full capacity, at which time, you will be switched to full time status. Our patients are very loyal to us as we have garnered a reputation in the community for providing acupuncture with the utmost in professionalism, and getting results!

This is a pain specialty position. Preferred 2 year orthopedics and physical medicine certification. If not,  then as part of the conditions of hiring and employment, we require that employee take specific courses in pain management, report writing, and medical documentation for managed care, i.e. workers comp. Employee will have 1 year to complete all courses.

We are looking for a long term contributor for this position which offers space to grow and thrive!


This is a part-time position working up to full-time. This may happen very quickly as we are growing fast! Must be available to work Saturdays and evenings, and have the flexibility to pick up extra shifts to cover other acupuncturists as needed.


Hourly part-time rate working up to salary +commission, with full benefits for full-time practitioners. Hourly pay to start for part-time is $30-$35/ hour, determined by experience level. Salaried rates with commission pay are 15-20% above the national average.

Weekly hours worked

Part-time is variable to start. To maintain Full-time status, a minimum of 32 hours per week is required with availability to see a minimum of 52 patients per week.


  • Part-time- Paid sick days per California state law, and certain holidays are also paid.
  • Full-time- Benefits package- Paid sick days, paid vacation, health insurance, Retirement, and paid holidays.


  • Years of practice- 2-5 years clinical experience preferred
  • Certifications and licenses- Must possess active and current California license L.Ac.
  • Education- minimum Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Insurance- Active malpractice insurance

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Illustrate commitment to chosen career, passion for the medicine, and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes
  • Perform orthopedic evaluation, differential diagnosis and comprehensive treatments for all patients at initial eval and re-evaluations
  • Must be confident and compassionate, and able to communicate the benefits of acupuncture and manual therapies to patients
  • Communicate reasonable outcome expectations, as well as the treatment plan- i.e. duration and frequency- to all patients
  • Prescribe and track herbs and supplements through our online virtual dispensary
  • Complete charting in a timely and comprehensive manner as required by various insurance/worker’s comp providers
  • Communicate with colleagues and staff in a direct and humble manner, engage as a team player with all Solis members, commitment to weekly 30 minute meetings
  • Successfully and gracefully manage treatment time and room turnover- 60 minutes allotted for initial consults with treatment, 30 minutes for follow-up visits
  • Maintain a safe and clean treatment environment and adhering to Clean Needle Technique protocols; complying with procedures, rules, regulations and laws
  • Contribute one blog article per month
  • Participate in marketing programs, events, and join social networking groups

Who you are

  • You’re motivated to elevate patient care by using a collaborative and integrative approach to treating pain
  • Your mission as a practitioner is to help your patients understand the multi-faceted layers of their complaints, how acupuncture can help them, and provide a robust treatment plan so the patient can reach their health goals
  • You have a deep understanding of the many facets of pain management
  • You are able to perform orthopedic physical exam for all body regions
  • You are open to furthering your education in orthopedics and physical medicine, acupuncture orthopedics, neuroscience acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and dry needling
  • You are stoked to geek out on acupuncture neuroscience and orthopedics with us!
  • Be able to recognize red flags and urgent situations and respond appropriately
  • Computer savvy and able to complete well written chart notes in our EHR, in a timely manner
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. Be able to clearly explain how acupuncture works from a neurophysiological perspective to patients
  • Be able to clearly explain modalities offered, prognosis, and treatment plan to patients to increase patient compliance and retention
  • Communicate clearly and work side by side with allopathic physicians on patient care. You must be able to speak their language and communicate with physicians about acupuncture from a neuroscience perspective. This is a brief overview. We don’t expect you to be a neuroscientist
  • You are skilled at counseling patients regarding lifestyle modifications, supplements, and herbs
  • Open to learning and integrating our best practice procedures to ensure patient satisfaction and retention
  • You have the ability to maintain composure while balancing a hefty load of patients, be a team player, and be adaptable to an ever-changing start-up environment

To apply: 

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