Anna Thomsen L.Ac.

484 Pine St Monterey CA 93940 USA
484 Pine St Monterey CA 93940

Anna Thomsen L.Ac. earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from UC Davis in 1980 and for four years worked in the department of Epidemiology at UC Davis as a research and medical technologist in preventive medicine. She attended the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis until the she become pregnant with her first child and decided to switch from animal medicine to human medicine.

In 1987 Anna graduated from the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, California as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and since then has been a state licensed primary health care provider in Monterey, California. Anna has completed graduate studies and intensive courses in Chinese Medical Theory, Acupuncture (Chinese and Japanese), Herbology, Qi Gong, the Neuro Emotional Technique, Kinesiology, and Therapeutic Massage.

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About My Practice

In her practice of Integrative Health Care, she successfully combines the best of the east and the west – Chinese Medicine, gentle style Japanese Acupuncture, Herbology, Functional Medicine (Laboratory Testing), Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Therapy, Kinesiology, and Therapeutic Massage to treat a broad range of illnesses and conditions.

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