Lupine Wread, L.Ac

827 Bayside Rd. Arcata, CA 95521
827 Bayside Road Arcata California 95521 US

Lupine Meredith Wread is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element medicine, and Japanese Acupuncture. Previous to practicing Acupuncture, Lupine was an Iyengar Yoga teacher for many years. She is a passionate gardener, and is currently studying how to cultivation of Chinese herbs in the US, to address the invisible price of importing herbs and the multiple environmental concerns of using herbs.

About My Practice

Lupine is currently practicing a Japanese form of Acupuncture as taught by Kiiko Matsumoto and David Euler. In this style of treatment we work with the physical body to release blockages that have formed from illness, injury, repeated stress, surgery, toxins, and emotions. As the blockages are released the body is able to come into balance, access the inner healer, and achieve homeostasis. In this style of acupuncture we expect to see immediate results with each treatment, building into long term health and vitality over a course of treatments. The Japanese style of acupuncture is extremely gentle and uses the most refined tools to comfortably encourage the flow of energy required for vibrant well being. Health issues that can be addressed by acupuncture include: pain (both acute and chronic), digestive disorders, energy issues, adrenal exhaustion, trauma, systemic detoxification, autonomic nervous system imbalance, blood pressure disorders, hormonal imbalances, scars (both post surgical and from trauma) structural imbalance (including scoliosis), headaches, organ problems, neurological disorders (neuropathies), orthopedic disorders, cardiovascular challenges gynecological disorders, psychological disharmonies, and immune system challenges.

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