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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice for Sale

Employer/Practice: Acupuncture Center of Portland
Address: 511 SW 10th Ave., Suite 1006 Portland, OR 97205
Phone number: (503) 223-2845
Email Address: drstephens@acupuncturecenterofportland.com
Web Address: https://sellingapractice.com/acp/

Job/practice location

Portland, OR

About the Employer

Job Description

  Unique opportunity to own the longest established Chinese medicine practice in the state of Oregon. Acupuncture Center of Portland (ACP), currently the acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic of Eric Stephens, is centrally located near the popular Pearl District in downtown Portland. With an open-minded, health-conscious population and decades of consistent return business, the opportunity for an abundant practice is available from day one. Imagine earning an average of $114,000 per year working no more than 3 1⁄2 days per week, with up to 8 weeks off for vacation. No additional marketing necessary—the enduring reputation of this practice keeps a steady flow of patients streaming in. Low overhead and consistent patient flow mean you’ll continue to keep your costs predictably low. Add more hours or additional practitioners, or do some marketing, and you have the chance to add even more success to an already prosperous clinic.


Licensed Acupuncturist

Short Description

ACP offers you the chance to hit the ground running. Step into this rare, once-in-a- lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams in one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and sought-after areas in the country. For more information on this opportunity, please visit the practice sale website at https://sellingapractice.com/acp After getting the information on the site, take the next step and get in touch to see if this is a good fit for you.

How to contact

Email: drstephens@acupuncturecenterofportland.com Phone 503-223-2845

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