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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Berkeley Acupuncture Project
Address: 1834 University Avenue Berkeley, California 94703
Phone number: (510) 845-1100
Email Address: info@bapnap.com
Web Address: http://berkeleyacupunctureproject.com/

Job/practice location

Berkeley, California

About the Employer

Berkeley Acupuncture Project is a busy, successful community acupuncture clinic that has been healing people for seven years. We see 500+ patients a week, have a staff of eight punks, and have full reception desk coverage.  We are open 363 days a year, seven days a week.   At almost 8 years old, we are one of the busiest community acupuncture clinics in the country.  We work as a team, often with two punks working at a time treating patients in our twenty chairs.  We have a full reception staff to answer phones, handle billing, and book appointments.  We currently have eight acupunks on staff.  We pay a base hourly rate with a commission bonus for seeing more than 10-12 patients in a given shift. Most of our shifts are 4 hours, seeing 6 patients an hour. We tend toward Richard Tan Balance Method and Master Tung in style, but we have room for any style that really works well within the community clinic.  We use Appointment Plus for handling scheduling and we use Practice Fusion for our EHR charting.  BAP has its own CEU program (free to all staff), focused on education specific to community acupuncture.  BAP gives a stipend for CEU classes outside of BAP’s CEU program.  BAP has its own malpractice insurance covering any punk while they are seeing patients at BAP.  BAP provides paid time off.

Job Description

Berkeley Acupuncture Project has openings for regular punk shifts on the weekends at our busy Berkeley clinic starting right now!  We are also looking for subs.  We hire from our sub list so NOW is the time to pursue regular employment at our thriving clinic. You will be working as a community acupunk treating up to 6 patients an hour in a dynamic clinic.  For more information on how community acupuncture works, visit a community clinic near you, read Lisa Rohleder's books, and surf the POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture) forums on their website.  


- You LOVE community acupuncture and can tell us why - You are a POCA member and read POCA regularly - You love being very busy and you are excited about treating six patients an hour - You know how to make patients feel welcome, seen, and cared for - You know how to work well with others (we work a clinic shift with another punk alongside us) and have references to show us that - You communicate calmly and well with patients, co-workers, and staff - You have attention to detail, keep good charts, clean up, help out, are aware of your surroundings - You have healthy boundaries - You look for solutions, rather than complain - You are comfortable with the LGBTQ community and are body positive - If you have experience as a waitperson in a restaurant, let us know--it is helpful work experience in community acupuncture! - You have a clean and valid California license We are happy to hire experienced punks, and we are also happy to train new practitioners.  We expect our punks, after training, to comfortably handle our online scheduling, online chart-noting, and busy schedule, all while being a helpful team player.  We tend to hire from within our regular- and sub- punk staff, so a successful sub or one-day-a-week regular punk can usually expect to get hired for (more) regular shifts as they become available. We have a lot of fun and get a lot of help from each other in our back office.  We welcome new members to our BAP world!

Short Description

Join us in our busy, successful community acupuncture clinic in Berkeley, California. You will work with a team of eight other acupuncturists who treat 500 patients a week. It's fun!

How to contact

If you are interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and references to info@bapnap.com, with "Attention Mary, interested in working at BAP" in the subject line. Please include your California acupuncture license number.

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