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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Acupuncture Nirvana
Address: 451 Glen Street Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone number: (518) 409-6993
Email Address: kat@acunirvana.com
Web Address: https://acunirvana.wordpress.com

Job/practice location

Glens Falls, NY

About the Employer

Glens Falls is a small town 30 minutes north of Saratoga Springs/1 hour north of Albany, with lots of places to kayak, hike and camp. The work space is a lovely quiet house shared with a yoga studio. We have private rooms and all supplies are provided.

Job Description

Looking for full time acupuncturist to start fall 2018 / winter 2019. Looking for sweet, friendly person who loves acupuncture and enjoys learning. I prefer people who ask a lot of questions because I really enjoy mentoring and helping someone grow. Details: My office manager is also my sister in law. We get along really well. She will mom you, but you will like it lol. She takes the money, reschedules, talks to people on the phone, explains to patients what to expect, and takes some of the brunt of people interactions. This will help you a lot because although sometimes you have to jump in and help, mostly you will have a lot of support. You will start as a 1099 being paid $25 an hour until I get you credentialed with insurances, which I will pay for. My other acupuncture employee gained patients very quickly because I'm booked out and people trust that I have picked someone great - and she is great - and we will talk you up to everyone and their mother. Once you are in network with various insurances we will make you an employee so taxes will be taken out for you. You will not be paid for sick time or vacation leave but you will at that time go up in pay. We are a very harmonious happy giggly group with a great reputation in the community. So I am looking for someone who will fit into that mix well. That means you will meet all the people near and dear to me and they will have to approve of you as well. I will train you, make sure you are comfortable, and you can text me anytime day or night with questions or issues. I am here for you. If you have a patients upset at you for various reasons (it happens) I will take the brunt of that and help you learn from it. That is part of mentoring.


Short Description

Looking for full time acupuncturist to start fall 2018 / winter 2019.

How to contact

I am specifically looking for someone who wants to be an employee with a stable long term happy job. That is also key. Our website is www.acunirvana.com and my email is kat@acunirvana.com. Please send me your resume, what you are looking for in a job, and why you became an acupuncturist. Thank you

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