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Type: Career Opportunities

Acupuncture Associate

Employer/Practice: The Parani Clinic
Address: 725 E Washington St Suite 102 Petalumua, CA 94952
Phone number: (707) 782-8316
Email Address: kieran@parani.co
Web Address: http://www.parani.co

Job/practice location

Petaluma, CA

About the Employer

We operate two clinics in Sonoma County providing a range of treatment options, from sliding scale community acupuncture treatments to in-depth specialty treatment of complex diseases. We incorporate custom granule herbs, custom raw herbal formulas, patent formulas, functional medicine and diagnostic testing, weight loss programs, tuina, rehabilitative treatment courses for orthopedic injuries, nutritional counseling, QiGong instruction and online content for improving health literacy and understanding.

Job Description

We are seeking an acupuncture associate to help manage our patient load and allow for more rapid delivery of care. The ideal candidate will have a strong devotion to the practice of medicine and a heartfelt commitment to the betterment of all parts of our patients’ beings. A willingness to grow, learn and incorporate new approaches and techniques is essential. Our clinics are peaceful and dynamic places. Our capacity to help our patients relies on a smoothly operating office and we appreciate excellent communication and teamwork to make that possible. Our strategy for success is based around support of the growth and development of those people associated with our business, from our administrative staff to our acupuncture associates and even our suppliers, billers and anybody involved. We seek out the best possible people and support them to be as healthy and complete as possible. We believe our effort towards their growth will translate into an improved experience, efficacy and satisfaction for our patients, and that has proven to be the case.


Licensed to practice acupuncture in California.

Short Description

We do accept insurance, and while it isn’t essential that the candidate filling this position take insurance, it will greatly increase their financial potential. The schedule is entirely up to the discretion of the associate, given the availability of open treatment rooms and administrative staff. The treatment style used is also entirely up to the applicant. In order to enhance your skills we will regularly provide opportunities for CEUs and you will have the advantage of being able to glean clinical instruction from generous and willing seasoned practitioners. We offer diagnostic testing (blood, stool, saliva, genetic, etc.) for many conditions and while proficiency in this is not required in this position, instruction in functional medicine will be available if desired. Our clinics feature onsite granule pharmacies and access to custom raw herb formulations online from Five Flavors Herb Pharmacy. We also operate an online supplement store to support our patients with access to high quality supplements at affordable prices. Ingred

How to contact

Please call: Kieran Jones @ 707-782-8316 If you can email your resume and cover letter ahead that would be helpful as well: kieran@parani.co

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