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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice for Sale

Employer/Practice: Montana Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Address: 320 A Expressway, Missoula MT 59808
Phone number: (406) 541-2399
Email Address: douglas@montana-acupuncture.com
Web Address: https://www.sellingapractice.com/maa/

Job/practice location

Missoula, MT

About the Employer

Montana Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Douglas Womack, owner

Job Description

After a full career and 13 years at this practice location, I’ll be retiring and turning my attention to a range of different projects! As a result, Montana Acupuncture—my practice in Missoula—is on the market… and it needs a new owner. I created a detailed listing for this thriving, in-demand practice here:




I am very pleased with what Montana Acupuncture is today: a reputable, high-net, scalable practice that is well known for clinical efficacy by area residents and providers alike. It affords me a great income with 3.5 clinic days per week.


This is an excellent opportunity for both out-of-staters (Missoula offers an incredible quality of life) and in-staters alike:

  • Lucrative: a reliable 6-figure income for a new owner working part-time 

  • Outstanding location: Missoula is known for its gorgeous nature as well as the idyllic small-town life (~80k residents, complete with a university, culture and more)

  • High demand: Missoula may not be a crowded big city, but demand here is high. I alone have been seeing an average of 56 patients per week in just 3.5 days, and our results draw people in from towns as far as 3 hours away. 

  • Most established practice in the area: we have built our practice and reputation over the last 13 years and are very well known for our clinical efficacy.

  • Privileged relationship with the VA: We get near-daily referrals from the VA. We know the ropes to get paid well and quickly, and the veteran population is known for their great appreciation and high compliance. Bonus: the VA is opening an additional facility just down the street! 

  • Long-term, loyal clientele: our patients tend to come in regularly for long periods, and I will thoroughly introduce the practitioner who takes on the practice to my patients. 

  • Scalable: with plenty of demand and the clinic currently open 3.5 days, there is plenty of opportunity to expand office hours or bring on associates. 

  • Great asking price: this highly established practice is priced to sell quickly

  • My availability: I am happy to offer my support during the transition

  • Low overhead and fine-tuned protocols and procedures already in place for you to take on or adapt to your preferences.

  • Wonderful space that patients love (see photos in my listing)


In case you’re interested (or know someone who would be), my full practice listing includes… 


  • Asking price

  • Financial performance numbers

  • Photos

  • Patient demographics

  • Location perks

  • … and more!


… See it here: sellingapractice.com/MAA


Please call or email with questions, to set up a phone call, or schedule a virtual or in-person visit of the clinic. Nothing like an initial chat to get a better sense of the value of this opportunity! 



Douglas Womack, LAc, MMQ, DOM


Email: douglas@montana-acupuncture.com    

Phone: (406) 541-2399



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Montana Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Practice for Sale

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