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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice For Sale

Employer/Practice: Rejuve Acupuncture
Address: 22226 6th Ave S #101, Des Moines, WA 98198
Phone number: (206) 643-9786
Email Address: office@rejuveacupuncture.com
Web Address: https://www.sellingapractice.com/rejuve/

Job/practice location

Des Moines, WA

About the Employer


Job Description

Hello, I’m Cindy Wu, EAMP, LAc. I’m moving out of state and seeking a new owner for my practice, Rejuve Acupuncture! I’ve been operating Rejuve for 15 years, and today it’s a well-established, mid-six-figure practice with a full schedule of patients. The space is lovely and Des Moines offers a wonderful quality of life and good cost of living, with easy access to Seattle. There is also an optional real estate opportunity (I am willing to sell the clinic space). 

For full details, including asking price, see my complete listing here: 


Please call or email with questions, to set up a phone call, or schedule a virtual or in-person visit of the clinic. There’s nothing like a no-pressure initial chat to get a better sense of the value of this opportunity. Here are just a few things you’d appreciate if you were to step in as the new owner: 

  • Mid six-figures: I’m currently the only person on staff and generating $400k

  • High net: 70% of revenue is profit after expenses. 

  • Great “transition” track record: I have experience transitioning my patients over to another practitioner, and it went very smoothly (I previously had an associate who took on my patients for an extended maternity leave). 

  • Happy to provide full transition support: I want a smooth experience for both my patients and the new owner, and I’m happy to support the transition to new ownership. 

  • High demand and scalable: I average ~80 pts/wk, and when I had an associate, demand was plentiful enough to keep them busy too.  

  • Beautiful location by the water: just one block from the marina and mountain views. 

  • Optional real estate opportunity:  I own the beautiful 3-treatment-room suite, and a new owner could opt to purchase it (or come on as a tenant). 

  • High quality of life: Des Moines has beautiful access to nature and water; a relatively low cost of living; peace and quiet, and easy circulation… all within an easy drive to Seattle. 

  • Almost-zero competition: Rejuve is the go-to acupuncture practice in Des Moines, and residents here are very grateful not to have to leave their beloved town to get their treatments. 

  • Return On Investment: I have priced the practice so that a buyer could reasonably gross back their investment within just one year. 

  • Lovely, light-filled suite: see pics on page 2, patients love the clinic space

  • Scalable: there are 3 treatment rooms and plenty of demand to expand hours and bring on associates

  • More info here: sellingapractice.com/Rejuve

Photos of the clinic space and the area: sellingapractice.com/Rejuve

To learn more, email or call me: office@rejuveacupuncture.com // 206-617-8796



Short Description

Highly Established Acupuncture Practice For Sale By the Water, South of Seattle

How to contact

To learn more, email or call me: office@rejuveacupuncture.com // 206-617-8796