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Type: Practice Space for Rent

Space for Rent

Employer/Practice: Full Moon Family Wellness and Birth Center
Address: 701 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
Phone number: (831) 535-3785
Email Address: JennyJohnstonLAc@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.fullmoonbirthing.com

Job/practice location

Santa Cruz, CA

About the Employer

Full Moon Family Wellness & Birth Center is located on the corner of Mission Street and Chrystal Terrace in Santa Cruz. It is the first birthing center in the county in over four decades, offering another option for a natural birth experience. We have two birthing roomsexperienced midwives, doulas and holistic health practitioners for the whole family, as well as many groups and classes for families in the childbearing years, ranging from couples retreats to classes on topics like the natural development of babies, breastfeeding, and how to utilize chemicals released in the brain during birthing. For families who would like a non-hospital birth, but don’t necessarily want to birth at their home, Full Moon is a great option.

Job Description

Two treatment rooms available for rent together for up to 6 days per week (excluding Thursdays when another acupuncturist is using the rooms).


Licensed Acupuncturist or other approved practitioner must be approved by the owner and carry professional liability insurance and be able to add Full Moon Family Wellness and Birth Center as additional insured to his/her policy.

Short Description

Two treatment rooms available and set up with tables, chairs and stools. Access to the front desk area and bathroom. The renter/practitioner is responsible for all other treatment supplies.

How to contact

Jenny Johnston, L.Ac. - please contact me by phone 831-535-3785 or by email at JennyJohnstonLAc@gmail.com