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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Rutherford Family Acupuncture
Address: 108 E 1st St, Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Phone number: (828) 375-0076
Email Address: info@rutherfordfamilyacupuncture.com
Web Address: http://www.rutherfordfamilyacupuncture.com

Job/practice location

Rutherfordton, NC

About the Employer

Rutherford Family Acupuncture in Rutherfordton, NC is a Chinese medical practice that is looking to hire a second acupuncturist. We have a massage therapist, a full raw herbal pharmacy with over 300 herbs, stocking only high-quality herbs, a complete essential oil pharmacy featuring Original Swiss Aromatics and Sun Rose Aromatics, and two rooms for YOU to practice in. We have a loyal patient clientele, a strong referral network with local practitioners, and a great community with a growing number of transplants.

Rutherfordton, NC is a small town in the rural foothills of Western North Carolina, about 1 hour from three cities, each with their own unique character: Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, and Charlotte, NC. Close to everything the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains have to offer, but still connected to larger metro areas like Charlotte and Greenville, Rutherford County is growing and is experiencing a revitalization. With low cost of living, high quality of life, and a friendly small-town atmosphere, people from all over have been flocking to Rutherford County to find a new, stable home in these dynamic and changing times. It’s a great place to raise a family, and a wonderful community to practice in. Moreover, the southern Appalachians are one of America’s traditional herb growing regions, and has a climate that is amenable to growing many varieties of Chinese herbs (in addition to a wide variety of more standard garden crops). In recent years there have been a number of farms in the area experimenting with growing high-quality Chinese herbs locally and sustainably, and the number keeps increasing!

Job Description

You’ve recently graduated and are getting your acupuncture license. You’re so excited to finally be practicing and doing exactly what you want to be doing. But do you still feel like there’s so much more to know in Chinese medicine?


Chinese medicine doesn’t have a residency program. Going straight from studying to hanging your shingle can be overwhelming, but, more importantly, it can result in poor quality patient care, mistakes that could easily be avoided, and a steep learning curve for you.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. We are offering a unique position for recent graduates. GET PAID TO KEEP LEARNING MORE ABOUT CHINESE MEDICINE.

We at Rutherford Family Acupuncture specialize in a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to treatment that keeps patients coming back for more. Patients who have been to other acupuncturists notice the difference, and they love it. They get detailed, individualized care, and impressive results, and we get the benefit of knowing we did a great job for our patients, instead of just rushing them onto the table and out the door. For us, no two days are the same, and every day is a learning experience, which gives us a deeper and deeper relationship with the medicine we practice.



Most of our patients are hour long sessions, with 1.5 hour initial appointments.

Many of our patients come multiple times a week, which allows us to effectively utilize classical 5 channel system protocols, and to SEE THEM IN ACTION.

We practice a variety of styles of acupuncture, and are always experimenting and adding new tools to our kit.

We never give up on patients—we know that Chinese medicine is incredible and is capable of things beyond our wildest dreams. And we know that healing is always possible, even if it doesn’t look exactly like we imagined it would.



Advanced pulse diagnosis systems, including elements from the Shen-Hammer system. Channel palpation. Abdominal diagnosis in several Japanese traditions. Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture. Japanese acupuncture. Advanced moxibustion techniques. Practical and effective Tui Na skills. How to implement the Five channel systems (Sinew, Luo, Primary, Divergent, 8XV) in clinic for ALL TYPES OF ILLNESS. Qigong that will make your acupuncture treatments stronger and will prevent repetitive strain injuries, and will work to improve your own health. External herbal medicine for external and internal complaints. Traditional herb preparation & pao zhi. Highly effective needling techniques. How to do REAL gua sha. Fire-needling—yes, with fire. How to blend all of this, and anything else you learn, into a cohesive whole. And, most importantly, How to think of EVERYTHING in terms of Chinese medicine, and not rely on Western diagnostics and thinking.



First, you will exclusively work 1-2 days per week shadowing our Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. You will be paid for this time as you learn, and see how Dr. Mohebali treats patients. You will learn and perform the skills needed to treat people effectively. More importantly, you’ll learn how to THINK about Chinese medicine in a way that will continue to help you for your whole career.


Second, you will start to practice solo on patients that you have already seen with Dr. Mohebali (one day per week). You will continue to shadow (1-2 days per week).


Third, you will be able to confidently see the full spectrum of patients at the clinic without supervision (2-3 days per week). During this time, you may continue to shadow if needed. There will also be meetings where cases can be discussed. We will continue to have skills sessions, so that all the practitioners (acupuncturists & massage therapists) can hone their skills and test out new treatments before trying them on their patients.


Fourth, once you are established in the clinic and have developed familiarity with the practice, the patients, and the treatment strategies, you may have the option to become the full owner of our fully functional, successful clinic. Our goal is to train people to provide the highest quality Chinese medicine so that, eventually, one of our apprentices will have the know-how and the desire to take over. You will have the opportunity to step into owning a fully functional practice, with no unexpected start-up costs, no surprises, and none of the frustrations that characterize starting your own business. You’ll be taking over a practice that has established business relationships, established networks in the community, a loyal and passionate patient base with strong word of mouth referrals, thorough and systematic practice and office protocols that have been tested through experience, and, above all, awesome employees that love working for you, and come to work every day excited to make a difference.



  • You must have a desire to learn, and, perhaps more importantly, a desire for deep personal growth and development.

  • You must be open to and interested in the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen (although, no familiarity is required)

  • You must be a North Carolina licensed acupuncturist (or will be licensed by the time of starting the job)

  • You must have a good attitude and not consider simple tasks to be below you. Sometimes apprenticeship is boring, and that’s okay!

Short Description

Unique paid apprenticeship opportunity allows you to learn on-the-job while getting paid for it! Graduated progression from apprentice to seeing your own patients, to possibly owning the practice. Learn Japanese acupuncture styles including Kiiko Matsumoto, classical Chinese acupuncture styles including sinew channels, luo vessels, divergent channels, and eight extraordinary vessels. Immerse yourself fully in Chinese medicine, and work with a lovely, loyal patient population, all while getting away from the stress and strain of city life to a peaceful place in the country.

How to contact

E-mail resume and cover letter to info@rutherfordfamilyacupuncture.com