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Type: Practice Space for Rent

Space for Rent

Employer/Practice: Communi-Qi Acupuncture
Address: 1729 Seabright Ave suite E
Phone number: (831) 227-5083
Email Address: lokidoan@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.communi-qi.com

Job/practice location

Santa Cruz, CA

About the Employer

We are a well established clinic that has been in business since 2011.  Dr. Loki is sole owner & currently has 5 Rooms available with many 6 hour shifts throughout the week.  

Job Description

Looking for Renters to use multiple rooms per shift


Anyone who can see multiple patients every hour

Short Description

I like to work in 4-6 hr increments & utilize 5 rooms per shift. Currently I work Weds, Fri & Sat 8AM- 2PM & all other shifts throughout the week are available! E.G. I'm looking to rent multiple rooms per shift for those interested and capable of treating 3-5 patients per hour.  The rooms are $50/ 6 hour shift. this is a small clinic so its ideal to have a max of 1-2 practitioners working during 1 shift (renting out all 5 rooms during a 6-12 hr shift to keep patient flow & crowding at a minimal while maintaining a smooth work flow. Available shifts are: Sunday 8AM- 2PM & 2PM - 8PM Monday 8AM- 2PM & 2PM - 8PM Tuesday 8AM- 2PM & 2PM - 8PM Wednesday 2PM - 8PM Thursday 8AM- 2PM & 2PM - 8PM Friday 2PM - 8PM Saturday 2PM - 8PM

How to contact

Cell phone 831-227-5083 or email drlokidoan@gmail.com

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