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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice For Sale

Employer/Practice: Carolina Holistic Health
Address: 1622 E. North St. Ste. 4 Greenville, SC 29607
Phone number: (315) 643-2013
Email Address: tcmdoc37@gmail.com
Web Address: https://www.sellingapractice.com/chh/

Job/practice location

Greenville, SC

About the Employer

Amazing opportunity to own an all-cash Chinese medicine and holistic
health practice in the beautiful, tight-knit community of Greenville,
South Carolina. Carolina Holistic Health, currently the practice of
Christina LeBoeuf and associates, has been serving Greenville and
the surrounding area for nearly a decade. With an open and health-
conscious population and years of consistent return business, the
opportunity to have an abundant practice and an exceptional quality
of life is available from the moment you step in.

Job Description

Imagine earning over $200,000 per year seeing patients only 3-4 days
per week, with plenty of time off to relax and up to 10 weeks of vacation
per year. No additional marketing necessarythe reputation of this
practice keeps a steady flow of new patients streaming in. A history
of effective marketing, nine years of records and consistent patient
flow mean you’ll continue to keep your costs predictable. Add more
hours, consolidate your staff, and/or offer more patients the option
of herbs and supplements, and you have the chance to add even
more success to an already prosperous practice.


The current owner primarily employs Zang-Fu and channel theory
diagnosis and treatment methodologies. The clinic and its associates
also use thermography-guided acupuncture, acupuncture with
AmpCoil, acupuncture with the Fisher-Wallace Device, as well as
providing electro-lymphatic drainage, Avazzia electro pain relief, and
acupuncture facelifts. A potential buyer could be sufficiently trained
in these techniques by the current owner in order to take over with
confidence, and the current associates provide a great knowledgebase
as well.

Short Description


How to contact

tcmdoc37@gmail.com or jluban@sellingapractice.com