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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Akhil Kaplan
Address: 859 Old County Rd. Waitsfield, VT
Phone number: (802) 279-9272
Email Address: akhilkaplan@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.threemoonswellness.com

Job/practice location

Waitsfield, VT

About the Employer

I graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College is 2007 and I've been practicing for 17 years.  I practice a classical style of acupuncture and do granular herbs mostly employing Shang Han Lun formulas.  I'm very outgoing, humorous and full of energy.  I love my patients and I believe the feeling is mutual.

Job Description

Three Moons Wellness, an established and busy Acupuncture practice in Waitsfield, VT is looking for an acupuncturist to take over a busy practice for 1 year and then continue on after the initial 1 year trial period.  Current acupuncturist is taking a leave of absence for at least 1 year and looking for someone who is skilled and ready to work.

Clinic sees about 45-50 people per week.  The office is completely setup with three treatment rooms, massage tables, waiting room, front desk, private bath and private deck.  We are in the Mad River Valley Medical Center which is shared with a general medicine practice and several therapists.  Our clinic also employees 2-3 massage therapists who provide referrals.  The facilities include two washers and dryers which is convenient for laundry.  The clinic has everything from Chinese medicine resources to art to tables to linens to cleaning products.  You just need to show up with knowledge, skills and a desire to be busy.

We will train the acupuncturist in practice/business management, advanced acupuncture techniques and herbs, as well as how to succeed in a Vermont rural community.  Our “valley” has about 6000 people but draws from other local municipalities giving you  roughly 30,000 residents to draw from.  Since Three Moons Wellness is well known, well established and well liked, I would be pushing all of my patients to you as well as helping you to continue to get new patients through events and connections.

Please contact us at 802-279-9272 or email us at akhilkaplan@gmail.com.



must be licensed in VT

Short Description

see above

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