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Type: Practice for Sale

Extremely Profitable Acupuncture Practice

Employer/Practice: Practice for Sale
Address: Please contact Calder Associates at 732-212-2999 or email sjwain@calderassociates.com to obtain an NDA.
Phone number: (732) 212-2999
Email Address: dsteinkohl@calderassociates.com
Web Address: http://www.calderassociates.com

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New York

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Business Description; This $1,000,000 acupuncture practice with 2020 EBIDTA of $403,169          performs treatments to a patient roster that includes adults of all ages, adolescents, and infants. The practice is strategically located in a booming urban New York Metropolitan area.

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the operations of the practice during the period of late March through late June 2020. The loss of income was due to the temporary closure mandated by state and city officials. Although the practice was closed for three months, the practice still maintained an EBITDA margin of 41% for 2020. The practice has rebounded in 2021. If the pace of the first four months continues, which is expected, revenue should be at least 20% greater than in 2020.

The owners’ expectations of value are aligned with the current cash flow and scale versus past performance. Given its new value, the owners believe that the practice would be an excellent investment for an existing practice looking to expand.

How to contact

Please call 732-212-2999 or email sjwain@calderassociates.com