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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Midwest acupuncture and pain treatment center
Address: 3000 Emery dr. Wausau wi. 54401
Phone number: (715) 574-2390
Email Address: thermaldiag@charter.net
Web Address: http://www.paintreatmentcenter.net

Job/practice location

Wausau, WI

About the Employer


Job Description

We are looking for a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist to join our thriving 30 + year practice. This busy, efficient practice is located in beautiful, peaceful, central Wisconsin.
The practice offers many modalities such as Electro-acupuncture, P.E.M.F, Laser, thermography, Oxidative therapies, herbal medicine and more. We also have a trained staff to assist, so you can focus on treating patients. We pay for training in the other modalities that we offer.
We close for 4 weeks a year during holiday weeks, and we are closed Friday, Saturday and Sundays for long weekends. You can choose to work 3 -4 days a week. You would only need to work one evening a week.
Community is big enough to offer lots of amenities, but small enough to enjoy many outdoor activities, and a healthy environment. Many job opportunities for your significant other
Please email your resume or CV to: thermaldiag@charter.net or call 715-574-2390


Able to apply for a Wisconsin acupuncture licensure, have herbal training, and mal-practice insurance.

Short Description

Treating patients, charting your treatments, returning calls to patients that have questions.

How to contact

Please email your resume or CV to: thermaldiag@charter.net or call 715-574-2390