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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice for Sale

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Phone number: (928) 716-0417
Email Address: docbarb928@aol.com
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Dolan Springs, AZ

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My practice for sale is a fresh look at how to provide care for patients while creating a healthy environment for you my buyer. This is a good opportunity for the practitioner who’s been working for others to stretch their wings with their own practice that has a successful foundation and ready to produce. It is also a good opportunity for the practitioner who is tired of the urban stressors to get into a rurally-based clinic that still has a reach of 42,000 + population within half an hour’s distance -- and zero competition. The outstanding rented office space is leased through February 2022 and its 1,000+ sf space contains not only generous space for reception and treatments but also laundry and storage, kitchen, 2 bathrooms -- and very large area that can be adaptadapted for more treatment space, subletting to other health providers OR a potential living quarters for the practitioner -- LOW rent to enable the provider to practice on an extremely modest budget!

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NOTE: Wednesday afternoon greetings,

I sent you an ad for my practice for sale on July 20.

Can you do me the favor to remove that ad and replace it with my new approach?

Thank you!