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Type: Career Opportunities


Employer/Practice: Oakland Acupuncture Project
Address: 3576 Laurel Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610
Phone number: (510) 999-4627
Email Address: soap.jeff.levin@gmail.com
Web Address: http://www.oaklandacupunctureproject.com

Job/practice location

Oakland, CA

About the Employer

Who Are We?

We provide an opportunity to see many diverse patients while working in a fun and supportive environment. 

While we value experienced punks, we are happy to train new practitioners. 

We start all our punks at a base hourly of $15/hour with a commission bonus of $7.50 per patient over 8 in a given shift. All of our shifts are generally 5 hours seeing 6 patients an hour. 

We do not emphasize any specific style or method beyond doing what you think is really awesome acupuncture, but not making a big deal about it. 

We expect our punks, after training and shadowing, to navigate our online scheduling, online chart noting, and invisible receptionist. 

We have a very low tolerance for shenanigans, but enthusiastically support diligent work with as many benefits as we can possibly afford.

Job Description

You will be responsible and accountable for:

  • Treating patients in recliners in a fast paced community setting

  • Greeting patients and establishing rapport within the first 5 minutes in a kind welcoming manner

  • Diagnosing and devising treatment plans based on a quick review of patient paperwork and short conversations with patients

  • Completing 5-6 treatments/hour 

  • Completing follow up treatments in 10 minutes or less

  • Completing new patient/initial treatments in 20 minutes or less

  • Remaining aware of community treatment room and its shifting priorities

  • Prompt beginning and end of treatments

  • Providing patients with a wake up call at their designated time

  • Communicating with all co-workers clearly and consistently, including timely charting

  • Being welcoming and respectful to all kinds of people

  • Maintaining a high level of confidentiality of all clinic matters

  • Familiarity with POCA

  • Knowledge and maintenance of our current covid protocols 


  • A belief in the mission and values of the OAP

  • A valid California state acupuncture license

  • The ability to solve problems within the scope of responsibilities

  • The ability to perform multiple tasks at one time

  • High levels of accuracy and attention to detail

  • The desire to work in a dynamic, faced paced environment

Short Description

Our two busy successful clinics in Oakland have been operating for over 11 years. We are open 7 days a week.

How to contact

If you’re interested, please email Jeff a cover letter and an up-to-date, one page, resume with your license number to soap.jeff.levin@gmail.com