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Welcome Five Branchers,

We are proud of our alumni’s outstanding achievements over the last 3 decades.  It is our honor to offer special services to our alumni community.  For many years, we have offered TCM practitioner listings and Career/Business opportunities on our school website.  Because these services are in high demand by our alumni, and also by the overall TCM profession, we have decided to expand the service to new horizons.

With this new directory platform alumni may upload information about their practice location(s), website, a biography, clinical specialties, social media contacts, and be able to upload photos and videos. Plus, this convenient directory will allow potential patients to discover you and your specialty(ies) while they are searching for qualified practitioners in their area. This is a great marketing aid for acquiring new-patients and referrals.

It’s the beginning of a new era!  Please come back from time to time to use this service and update your information. Also, we encourage and welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve to serve your needs better.

Alumni Services Team
Five Branches University

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