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Type: Practice for Sale

Practice for Sale

Employer/Practice: Energy Wellness Center
Phone number: (650) 283-4745
Email Address: ewctim@att.net
Web Address:

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Palo Alto, CA

About the Employer

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Great opportunity for new and experienced practitioners who want to serve the Bay area patients and make a good living right from the start! I will be moving to Hawaii and am looking for a motivated & compassionate practitioner to take over my practice and take good care of my patients. * Average Annual Gross Revenues: $200,000+ (will provide tax returns) * Low Current Monthly Rent (including utilities): $1,300 My practice is located in an affluent area of Palo Alto, right across from Mollie Stone's Market, with lots of local shops and restaurants nearby on California Ave. It's only 5 min from Stanford University and Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Caltrain station is just few steps away. Clientele are primarily for Fertility & Pain management. Will get you in touch with Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) whom I work with in the Bay Area. Will train you as needed during the transition. PS: For those who specialize in Facial Acupuncture/Rejuvenation, this is an amazing opportunity for you as well.

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Contact Tim at ewctim@att.net

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